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Tarmac is not always the cheaper option, tarmac can be quicker and easier to install, making it a popular option for driveways, depending on drainage you can use a close graded martial which allows the run off of water to natural soak a way, or aco-drains are often fitted to catch the run-off water.

An open graded tarmac will often be used for a sub base prior to the application of resin bound surfacing, this is SUDS compliant. The expected lifespan or longevity is around 5 years, this isn’t to say it won’t last longer, however the effects of both weathering and oxidation will start to take their toll on your tarmac.

In some cases where your existing tarmac is cracked, broken and has potholes, it can be dug out and repaired, in other cases an overlay can be applied subject to survey. With a proven performance record on roads, car parks and other hard standings, surfaces like asphalt and tarmac are commonly used on domestic driveways, but this doesn’t always mean they are the most durable.

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Tarmac Benefits

  • Permeable and Porous
  • SUDS Compliant
  • Low Maintenance
  • BBA Approval
  • UV Resistance
  • Non-Slip
  • Install and supplier guarantees
  • Large range of natural stone choices
  • Lifespan of 10/15 years

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