Schools & Playgrounds / Play Surfacing

School & Playgrounds / Play Surfacing

Wet Pour surfacing, using recycled car tyres, the rubber safety surface gives a high quality, hard wearing, slip resistance that doesn’t require much maintenance. Wet-pour is commonly known as rubber crumb or mulch, you will often find this product. Transform your old tarmac surface, a muddy area or a wet and dirty bark pit into a clean, safe and attractive area to play all year round with wet-pour safety surface. Wet-pour is great for creating bright and colourful designs to excite imaginations. Wet-pour is safe in all conditions, reducing the risk of injury from a trip or fall. Our safety surfaces are also wheelchair friendly. Wet-pour is more cost-effective compared to grass mats or rubber tiles. Available in a multitude of colours by creating a fun & exciting place to play.

  • Play Surfacing
  • Children’s play areas or around play equipment
  • School nurseries
  • Tree pits
  • Used for garden landscaping or decorative finishes

With a large choice of colours, the wet pour surface is seamless, trip free, UV stable, non-toxic. The rubbers are mixed with a 1-part polyurethane resin. The depth of the rubber will often depend on if there are critical fall heights, this will be ascertained during our site survey.

Key Benefits:

  • Coloured EPDM granules maintain surface colour during wear
  • Angular granules provide excellent drainage
  • High elasticity and wear resistance
  • UV resistant properties
  • Low density for excellent coverage
  • Minimum EPDM content
  • Non toxic

Rubber Crumb Colour Swatches

Rubber Crumb coloured EPDM granules are made from a compound of EPDM rubber, specialist pigment and UV stabilisers. Blocks of the rubber compound are produced under carefully controlled factory conditions which are then granualted at high speed. Dust is removed at every stage to ensure the finished granules are as clean as possible. Throughout the process, thorough testing ensure that the chemical and physical properties are of consistantly high quality.

Rubber Crumb black EPDM granules are produced from selected scrap EPDM rubber, derived mainly from the automotive industry such as rubber window seals, linings, tubing etc. The scrap is then recycled by means of ambient grinding, the process being designed to remove any contaminantion and dust to ensure clean high quality finished granulate. Regular sieve analysis ensures consistent material sizing.

Key Benefits:

  • Coloured epdm granules maintain surface colour during wear.
  • Angular granules provide excellent drainage (EPDM Graded to 1.0-4.0mm)
  • High elasticity and wear resistance (Elongation at Break ≥ 650 %, Tensile Strength > 6.0 Mpa)
  • UV resistant properties (Grey Scale 3-5 dependent on colour)
  • Low density for excellent coverage (1.60 ± 0.05 g/cm³)
  • Minimum EPDM content > 20%
  • Non toxic
  • Packing: Supplied in 25kg polythene bags shrinkwrapped on pallets.

We make every effort to ensure the pictures of EPDM Granules are as representative as possible, however the natural colour cannot always be displayed accurately on screen and we recommend that a sample is requested where an exact colour reference is required. It’s also important to note that the colour will change when mixed with polyurethane binder during installation.

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